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Going the Extra Step

Maybe I’ve gotten more sensitive to the little things as I’ve grown older. Maybe I’m just more in tune to what other businesses do to keep or obtain customers after having launched my own media buying firm last year. Whatever the case, I’ve found myself often taking note of individuals and businesses that go that extra step.

With that in mind, I recently encountered something so little and simple, yet very impactful. In it I see such a strong analogy of my values as a business owner. It’s all about going that extra step and creating something that makes your business unique from your competition.

There are two "Italian Ice" shops within relatively the same distance from me that serve the same frozen treats that I like. The one is a franchise of an East Coast chain. The other is a family owned company with one location. The products and prices are the same and they are equally delicious. The difference is that the family operated company goes that extra step and places a pretzel stick and an animal cracker on top of the custard. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

The first time I encountered this I thought it was just a fluke…or maybe it was animal cracker day? Then I saw that they did that each time and it was a tradition for them. I found myself going back for more, talking about this, posting about them on my social media sites and sending them referrals. I can’t say that I do that with the other company, even though they have the same delicious treats. It’s all about that little animal cracker and pretzel stick.

And that’s when I realized the parallel to our business values: At Monarch Media Solutions, we want to provide that "animal cracker and pretzel stick" to every media plan we do! We’ll dig a little deeper, negotiate a little harder, and service the accounts a little more than our competition. We’re not a big firm nor do we want to be bigger than the rest. But we do want to intentionally provide big service and value with every client.

So, whether it’s in life or in business, go ahead…go that extra step and do that little extra something and it will set you apart from the rest of the pack.


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