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Our Quest for Effective Social Media

Providing content for Social Media — relevant content that is — starts with knowing who you are talking to in your posts. For example, when managing our Facebook page, it is challenging to know what kind of content to provide. We don’t have a product to sell and the services we offer are not used by the "average" person. So, how do you effectively market this type of business through Social Media?

We have experimented with a variety of helpful articles that addressed specific marketing problems, solutions on better SEO, how to write effective emails to sell your product, time management strategies, habits of successful professionals and so on. Articles on the lighter side have been sprinkled into the mix to address the personal life we all claim to have — routines to help you sleep better, how to live in the moment, secrets to happiness and the ever clever quotes. The posts that we get the most engagement from are the light-hearted ones.

This raises a question… who are we talking to? And are we talking to the right folks?  Like any business trying to grow their Facebook followers, we invite our personal friends to like our page. They do and then what do we have? We have a collection of personal friends and family reading our posts and not really anyone who is a potential client. We do have our current clients on the "like" list, so we are hopefully providing them with useful and/or entertaining information. We want them to be interested in the information we share, to be engaged with it, to learn something new and mostly to stay relevant in their minds.  We adore our clients and want to help them in all aspects of their life.

So, aside from our existing clients seeing our brilliant posts (okay, that might be a stretch), how do we use Facebook to gain business? After all, that is the main point of using Social Media. Every post a business makes should be purposeful or it is not worth making.  We are going to do a little experiment and put all the Social Media best practices we have learned to work for Monarch’s Social Media strategies. We feel confident that by doing so, we will be more equipped to help our clients by sharing our "real life" experiences.

So, help us out in this quest for a better (more effective) use of Monarch’s Social Media efforts. What type of content do you get the most engagement from on your Social Media channels? How do you target your potential clients? We would love to hear your experiences to add to our research!


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