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Should we use Digital or Traditional Advertising?

The answer is … yes, please!

If you are a business owner or marketing executive, I’m fairly certain that you have pondered this very question: ‘Should we use traditional media or digital media for our advertising strategy?’ It most definitely should not be a decision that is based on a coin toss or choosing one over the other. When a client asks me that question, my answer is always the same: Yes! And a resounding yes, at that.

Advertising options are expanding at a more rapid pace today than they did even five or ten years ago. It seems that we learn of new ways to reach and engage with potential customers on a daily basis. And although a business needs to stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to remain competitive, they should be careful not to lose sight of the traditional ways and means that should still be a part of their strategy in order to drive the recognition of their brand or services.

An effective and strategic advertising plan that includes a combination of traditional and digital media is more impactful and will deliver higher customer results. And this is why. According to Nielsen Media Research, 86 percent of smart phone owners say that they use their phone as a second screen while watching TV, and half do it every day. This is something that has been evolving dramatically over the past few years.

While it’s true that the advertising landscape changes like the wind, it still remains important for a business to continue to brand and advertise in targeted traditional media so that they remain on top of the consumers mind. If a consumer is unfamiliar with your brand, they may be less likely to recognize your business when they are online searching for services and products.

In the past five years, most traditional media companies have added digital based advertising elements such as SEO, SEM/PPC, behavioral remessaging campaigns, interactive or rich media ads or multi-screen platforms in order to remain competitive. And digital media companies continue to develop and fine-tune new ways to engage with consumers and track their behaviors through analytics.

Each side of the media coin, traditional and digital, offer advantages that can help your business sustain your brand and increase your sales. So the next time you are considering what direction to take your advertising strategy and this question comes to mind, I hope that your answer is also a resounding yes!


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