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The Perfect Time for Rebranding

Is there really a perfect time to update your company's logo, your website or even just refresh your company brand? For me it was now and relaunching in November, the season of Thanksgiving, was in fact ideal.

Many businesses look to milestone anniversaries or when they have grown beyond their current website's capabilities. Other businesses adopt the mentality of 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' and allow their overall brand including logo, website, and social media sites to get stale or outdated. I fell somewhere between these two although to be honest, it was much closer to the latter scenario!

Prior to opening my media buying agency in 2012 I had worked at a full service marketing firm. Today I work with strategic partners who specialize in helping companies develop and implement brand strategies so I know first hand the importance of sustaining your brand and remaining relevant in the market. Yet somehow I fell into the trap of waiting for the perfect anniversary or the perfect time to make the changes and instead let time slip away.

Ironically it took the shutdown due to COVID-19 for me to find the time. I reevaluated where I am today as a business owner and why I started my company in the first place. I looked at the problems we solve for businesses, the client's we have served over the past eight years and the path that has taken me from ground zero to having strategic partners as far away as the UK. From helping small businesses find the right media strategy to grow their company, to helping nationally recognized corporations with multi-market integrated advertising campaigns.

Who Monarch Media Solutions was in 2012 is much different than today. Suddenly, the look and feel of my company screamed that it needed an update. I liked my logo but the font was old, especially the scripted font because they don't even teach cursive these days! I knew my website was at least two years out of date but still I kept putting it off, waiting for that perfect time.

And so the fun began. Of course with me being more focused on the analytical side of media I wasn't about to try to do this myself. I trusted a strategic partner with the details of taking my thoughts and creating a fresh and modernized look while keeping the feel of my brand in place. This week, I am officially relaunching and I am thankful, grateful and blessed beyond words! I hope you'll go back through my site here and let me know what you think.

Take it from me- don't wait until your brand is stale and no longer relevant. Make the time and hire a professional. You will be thankful you did!



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