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Your Customer Won’t Come Looking for You

When it comes to advertising, one of the biggest challenges business owners and marketing executives face is a common one: Where do they advertise their services or products in order to reach their prospective customers?

If this has become a challenge, an analysis of their advertising strategies frequently yields that they are making media choices not because it reaches their targeted audience, but because they like the outlet.

Just because you enjoy a particular media outlet does not mean it reaches the audience you want to reach. Of course we like to hear our own commercials or see our ads online, in print, TV, on billboards and other places. However, isn’t it more important to reach your potential customers who will buy your products or services?

Your advertising needs to target the right people.

Being objective and making decisions to spend the advertising budget in a way that is both effective and efficient is critical. Your advertising platforms have to be more than the media that you like, where you know someone or where you can buy the “sales package du jour.”

In this market alone, there are approximately 25 local radio stations, five broadcast TV stations and at least fifty cable TV stations in addition to the multiple print and lifestyle publications, out-of-home and billboards, digital, and social media options — the list goes on and on.

Just how does a business owner know what is best for them?

Each media outlet has its strengths. Properly matched to your business goals, and advertising with a specific outlet can deliver positive results. But if the wrong media mix is chosen, it can’t be expected work — each media outlet has weaknesses, too.

If your business is advertising only in places you like and not opening up to where it can best reach the specific demographic and geographic target of your desired customer, you might as well just throw your money out the window.

A strong advertising strategy can help you avoid losing money.

Multiple media outlets that deliver the targeted audiences most likely to buy your products or services — that is essential to a strong advertising strategy. In preparation, research who your current and future customers are in order to gain an understanding of how best to reach them.

Remember, a business doesn’t need to spend more money than it can afford to drive positive results. It just needs to be invested wisely!


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