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Inspired by Errant Snapdragons

On the eve of Thanksgiving, a day when all posts seem to be about turkeys, stuffing and pies, today I'm actually taking a break and writing a blog that is a bit more philosophical.

Here in Pennsylvania at the end of November, when the frost is on the pumpkin and the leaves are just about done falling, never would I ever expect to come across blooming flowers. What made it even more inspiring to me was the fact that these flowers were not planted in the crack between the deck and concrete and yet continue to grow. It made me reflect on my life as an entrepreneur, and as a business owner who has had her share of ups and downs, I couldn't help but relate to their journey.

The first few years after starting my media buying agency in 2012 I experienced amazing growth expanding my sales force to outer markets and being blessed with great clients and referrals. And then 2015 hit- the year my Mother passed, my husband was diagnosed with advanced stage Lung Cancer, and my close friend and work associate moved out of state. The next year brought even more challenges as my husband lost his battle.

Determined, I made a pact with myself that not only would I survive, I would thrive. It has never been easy and I could not have done it without the support of my amazing friends, family, clients and strategic partners.

I have carried that same determination, resilience, and all the life lessons learned during those achingly difficult years into this year, 2020, the year the world stopped due to COVID-19. The year of the pivot, of adapting, of reevaluating. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the most challenging years of my life as they have taught me to stay the course and count whatever blessings I have.

Today when I saw the errant Snapdragons pictured, from my very own back yard, they validated my journey. When you choose to thrive, no matter where you are placed, no matter how you got there, and no matter what the conditions are that surround you, that's resilience.

Best wishes to you and yours for a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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